5 Things to Consider Before Buying Badminton Racquet

Nowadays, Badminton is cock-a-hoop across the globe. A badminton player next to a kin partner, the badminton racquet is exceptionally important badminton gear. But there’s a question that makes every badminton player distracted - “Which badminton racquet will be ideal for me??”, as it is one of the biggest swathes of badminton game to select a badminton racquet. Whether you’re buying a new badminton racquet or upgrading the long-standing racquets there are 5 things to consider before buying a badminton racquet.

Moreover, not only beginners cope with problems, intermediate or professionals also undergo the same. Choosing a good badminton racquet not only flatters your play style but also succor you reinforce the feature of your playing techniques to the level you never imagined were workable. Today, I discovered some essential things that every single person must know before buying a badminton racquet.

Material from which racket is made

The material composition used for manufacturing badminton racket ought to be of exceptional quality, as they require enduring loads of hard-hitting power during the gameplay. Mainly, there are four material compositions (Aluminum, Steel, Carbon Fiber, and Graphite) from which badminton rackets made.

  • Several newbies badminton racquets made from aluminum or steel, value-priced for the tightfisted racket buyers. Yet, it is also feasible to invest either in carbon fiber or graphite badminton rackets such as Yonex Carbonex 7000 Badminton Racquet, Head Inferno 70 Badminton Racquet, etc. 
  • Intermediate and Advanced badminton rackets made from graphite composition materials. Designed with advanced technologies such as Nanocarbon, these badminton racquets are lightweight, more resilient, and offer high-throughput on the badminton court.

Playing Style

It’s great to acquire a badminton racket following your playing style (offensive, defensive, and all-rounder), whenever you’re first starting out. Moreover, knowing your playing style is necessary as is considering your level of play. The various aspects & designs of badminton rackets adjust them to varying playing styles such as control, power, and speed. Most-common playing styles are defensive or straightforward, offensive or attacking, all-rounder styles, etc.

  • Are you looking for a badminton racquet for your offensive playing style?? Consider Head-Heavy Badminton Racquets that allow the power game from the opposite side of the badminton court. An offensive badminton player should be potent enough to be capable to operate this playing style badminton racquet efficiently.  
  • Head-Light Badminton Racquets are more tailored for the defensive style attacking players who play doubles more. The boon of this playing style badminton racquet is that both head & frame have less weight and thereby more flexible along with easier to swing aggressively. 

Level of player

If you’re a beginner, your badminton racket choice will entirely individual to that of a professional badminton player as you will foresee various aspects or features from your badminton rackets. 

  • If you’re an occasional badminton player, then you need isometric head badminton racket. These rackets will have a bigger surface area, more easygoing & will make your games simpler & easier.
  • If you’re a regular badminton player then you need a powerful badminton racquet. Designed with a balanced spot at the head of a racket will provide more power and powerful deliveries of shots.
  • If you’re an intensive badminton player then you need a perfect controlled badminton racquet. Designed with a balanced spot at the handle of a racket will offer you superior control & excellent responsiveness.  

Let’s discover which badminton racket is ideal for your playing level!







Isometric or Oval





Rigid (Stiff)

String Tension (lbs)




Racket Balance (mm)




Racket Weight





Weight of Racket

To assist you to figure out the obtainable badminton equipment, you must initially understand the power of your swings. The power in a badminton swing depends on the badminton racket head speed that the player generates in the court, and therefore directly proportional to the weight of the racket. The weight of the badminton racket is a personal choice for every badminton player i.e. either to select lightweight or heavier weight.

  • Lightweight Badminton Rackets (<85 gms): If you’re mostly going to play doubles, it’s better to prefer lightweight rackets as easier to acquire a fast & quick swing. This sort of badminton racket is easier to control & allows for responsive play.
  • Heavier Badminton Rackets (>86 gms): Add-on extra power with head heavier rackets as it provides sufficient power to control the badminton racket. These rackets provide extra power in swings & shots which are only suitable for the singles game. Heavier rackets are not suitable for all badminton players.

Racket Balance

Exclusive of weight, badminton racquets can be underlying on their balance, or where the racket’s weight is broadly positioned. To analyze the actual category of balance your badminton racquet has, spot your finger somewhat underneath the head of the badminton racquet to observe which way the racquet inclines.

  1. By having a little weight over the head, a Head-Light Badminton Racket Balance (<288mm), through comparison, is ideal for club players who play doubles way more than singles. Consider this racket if you prefer enhanced control & speed across additional power and thereby far simpler to handle & swing. It is much more appropriable when playing shots at the net, allows players to whack with extreme speed. 
  2. Outfitted with additional weight in the head, a Head-Heavy Badminton Racket Balance (>288mm) enhances the power of smashes and far away shots from the back of the court. It is not endorsed for appealing in high-speed swaps. This sort of badminton racket is ideal for the rally badminton players who need enhanced momentum.
  3. Endeavors to offer the benefit of both head-heavy and head-light rackets, an Evenly-Balanced Badminton Racket (280-300mm) provides sufficient power (from the back) & sufficient control & flexibility (at the front). It is great for beginners, or even if you’re not sure what level or style you’re going to play on the court. This variety of rackets is also ideal for those who are looking for an accurate weapon with boundless prospects of skills.

Winding Up

Selecting a badminton racket can be fearsome from the utter options that are available. A superior badminton racket is not entirely magnificent without an astonishing twin smash. By keeping the above-mentioned things in mind, you can buy a badminton racket you admire with the proviso that you are comfortable & will not retard your performance onto the badminton court.