How to Choose a Badminton String? [Buying Guide]

Just like the clear vision of a photographer can make the differences among the clickable pictures. Similarly, the right badminton racket string can make lots of differences to your badminton game. A string is considered as the most necessary section of the racket. Every single badminton racket has a “sweet spot - an area on the string bed, offers more power & control” & Every “high-end” badminton racket hasn’t come with a string. Such kind of badminton racket allows players to choose their racket string & racket stringing tension following their requirements!

Below, you will find a badminton racket string guide for the right selection of your racket string that can enhance your performance & durability too.

How to choose a Badminton Racket String?

Explore, Select, and Succeed!”

No doubt, most of the professional players prefer multifilament synthetic strings over natural gut strings. These days, loads of badminton racket strings are available in markets which can create troubles for the badminton players in the selection of their racket strings, especially for beginners. Make a purchase of your badminton racket string depending upon your style, level, and play. Let’s discuss in brief about the selection of your badminton racket string:

  1. Resilience/Durability: Are you a frequent badminton strings breaker?? If yes, then all you need is thicker badminton strings. This will allow the players to take advantage of additional durability. Badminton Strings such as Yonex BG 65 string is ideal for all-rounder badminton players.
  2. Repulsion: Are you looking for both durability & combination?? If yes, then opt for those badminton strings which are moderately less thick than 0.70 mm. This variety of ultra-thin badminton racket gauge offers an extraordinary repulsion along with tough strokes.
  3. Control & Power: Are you looking for easy play along with a combination of both power & control?? If yes, then opt for thinner badminton racket strings, let you play controlled strokes easily. Moreover, ultra-thin badminton strings (thickness approx 0.60 mm) can help the players to break smashes with ease. Such kind of badminton strings offers improved control, powerful smashes, and higher durability.

What is the best badminton racket string?

The best badminton racket string depends upon your comfort & playing skills. However, it’s a fact that the string of your badminton racket should be the utmost. As a beginner, you don’t have sufficient power to hit powerful shots again & again. In that instance, lower string tension i.e. 16-24 lbs is convenient, offers a greater sweet spot & enhanced flexibility. For the advanced players, higher string tension i.e. 24-30 lbs is perfect as it provides higher control along with supreme hitting feel. High string tension will advance you concerning solid hitting advanced shots. 

What Strings do Professional players use?

Stringing your badminton racket with top-quality string will improve the durability, repulsion power & feel. So, what strings do professional badminton players use?? This question runs in the minds of the followers of the badminton games.

Here are the names of top badminton strings used by professional badminton players:

  • Yonex BG-65: The very first name that hits the brain when talking about badminton strings is Yonex BG-65. This badminton string provides tremendous performance for professionals & aspirants (beginners) alike. It’s uniquely woven fiber offers high-durable smooth touch for minor stress on carpus while hitting the powerful shots. As the finest choice for professional players, it’s good to go with this string only.
  • Li-Ning No.7: The other name that strikes mind when talking about badminton string used by the professionals is Li-Ning No.7. Made from heat-resistant & high-intensity material, this badminton string offers extreme durability to the players. It’s uniquely shock-absorption coating for a soft feel & re-dipping technology for improving the durability.

How much string is enough for a single racket?

Enough badminton string accordingly organized should provide you superior flexibility & durability, ultimate feel, more power & control, and more shock absorbent. There’s no doubt that a pack of 10 m string is enough for a single badminton racket.

How to make your Badminton racket string longer?

Once you expend time exploring the best badminton racket string & perfect string tension, undoubtedly you want your badminton racket string to last-enduring. Let’s study how to remain the virtue of badminton racket strings unharmed.

  1. Exceptionally Higher String Tension: Stringing your badminton racket at higher tension can influence the durability & flexibility of your badminton racket strings. Before making any modification to your badminton racket string, always check the endorsed string tension of that particular badminton racket.
  2. Ultra-Narrow String: Ultra-Narrow string provides an immense playing experience to the badminton player but the question raised on its durability. Choosing an extra-thin string from a local manufacturer won’t be last long whereas, buying from a top-notch brand can be long-lasting.
  3. Incorrect Smashing Technique: Hitting the badminton shots with maximum power can hamper your badminton strings. Moreover, if you play forthright shots consistently, your strings will be more prone to breakage. Prolonging the life of your badminton string will be possible only if you hit the smashes with an appropriate power & escape portioning the shuttlecocks.
  4. Flawed Grommets: Grommets are designed to protect the string from being damage. But, if any of the grommets are misplaced, the racket frame may wound your string. Moreover, the racket frame may also get hampered if you hardly string the badminton racket. To avoid this, check your flawed grommets day-to-day & if you find any, exchange it with the new grommet strip.
  5. Inappropriate Storage Methods: Appropriate storage techniques can increase the life-span of your string. Try to store your badminton racket at room temperature where it is improbable to get affected by maximal weather conditions. However, using a thermal badminton kit bag works effectively, especially for storage purposes.

Summarizing the Above

Purchasing a badminton racket is not only the option to refine your badminton game. Anyway, you require high-quality badminton racket strings to play consonant shots at any moment. Ensure to keep the above-written squash racket buying guide in mind for the next time, whenever you are going to buy badminton strings online. Analyze your actual needs by spending some time on yourself to find the ideal badminton racket string for you!